Private Group Quail Hunting Georgia

Groups of 4 or More

Authentic Luxury South Georgia Plantation Quail Hunting

2019 / 2020 Season – October 17, 2019 – March 18, 2020

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  • Where can you follow the dogs either from horseback or a classic mule-drawn wagon?
  • Where can you have your very own private lodge with your OWN personal staff?
  • Where do the birds flush as wild today as they did in the Golden Days of Vintage Southern Quail Hunting?
  • And where can you find all this in ONE place… as timeless today as you would have imagined it to be 100 years ago?

Only at Pine Hill Plantation!!!

Pine Hill Plantation is the only quail hunting plantation that is both Orvis Endorsed and Beretta Trident certified and provides authentic bobwhite quail hunting exclusively from horseback and mule-drawn wagon. Pine Hill Plantation is one of only 2 lodges in the world to be both Beretta endorsed and to have won the Orvis Lodge of the Year Award.

Experience Georgia quail hunting as it has been done on most of the private plantations for over 150 years. If quail hunting is anything, it is driven by tradition. And for those who believe in traditions, there is only one way to hunt quail… from horseback and mule-drawn wagon. Quail hunting from horseback is as deeply imbedded in the southern plantation psyche as grits and cornbread, and the mule-drawn wagon is an iconic symbol of the grand plantation quail hunting social experience.

Located in deep in the heart of south Georgia quail country, we provide our guests with an authentic experience that does justice to the history and tradition. At Pine Hill Plantation we manage over 6000 acres of longleaf pine forest with wiregrass understory… the original quail habitat as it was more than 200 years ago. These forests are some of the finest habitat in all of south Georgia and they are native home to hard-flying wild quail that have to be hunted and are not merely shot.

When groups of friends and guests go out for the day in search of quail, there is a lot of ground to cover – the need for fresh dogs, lunch in the field, refreshments – all of which is traditionally borne by horse and mule. Though it may be far more expedient these days to substitute the internal combustion engine, there is something ethereal about the long horseback procession moving slowly through the stands of longleaf pine, the huntmaster in the lead watching for the point, and the big mule-drawn wagon jangling along behind, with fresh dogs in the wagon’s dog boxes and the more comfort-minded plantation guests enjoying the social aspects of the hunt from the padded wagon seats.

The quail hunting at Pine Hill Plantation is a true wild bird experience. Extensive work is done to optimize quail habitat on the over 6000 acres of longleaf pine habitat with wiregrass understory and interspersed with crop fields. Because we release young birds in late summer to supplement the wild quail population, these birds have time to become assimilated into the wild quail population during the fall shuffle. Thus, the quail flushed at Pine Hill Plantation fly like bobwhites should, with explosiveness and speed. Sometimes the quail are out moving and easy to find, other times they are shy and aloof. But, they are there… and when they flush with lightning speed, it brings an excitement and challenge that reminds you of why you love this wingshooting sport!

For quail hunters, the pursuit of a revered little bird permeates every aspect of the lifestyle of those who pursue it. Pine Hill Plantation preserves that lifestyle with no compromise. Short of owning your own plantation or being invited to a private plantation, there are few places where quail hunters can experience the lifestyle that has enthralled wingshooters for two centuries. With its hospitality, genteel de’cor, and traditional horseback and mule-drawn wagon hunt, Pine Hill Plantation is south Georgia’s finest quail hunting destination.

Quail hunting parties are normally 4 shooters per wagon hunt-party to provide personal attention and to gear the bird hunt to your desires. Three experienced guides (a huntmaster, a dog handler and wagon driver) will accompany your party and work our proven pointers, setters and retrievers to help you find the quail. A dog kennel of over seventy pointing dogs with exceptional bloodlines will earn your respect as they run their courses. The Labs and Cockers off the wagon will flush covies and retrieve the quail from where you drop them.

At Pine Hill Plantation we live the traditions of authentic south Georgia plantation quail hunting… and so can you. Come experience Pine Hill Plantation!!!

What makes Pine Hill Plantation south Georgia’s finest quail hunting destination?

  1. Authentic south Georgia plantation quail hunting experience from horse back & mule drawn wagon.
  2. Private, luxury plantation lodges
    • Ultimate privacy… only your group in your lodge.
    • Lodges as nice as any private plantation.
    • Private house staff… to serve you in your lodge.
    • Private dining… in your lodge… prepared to your selection (chosen in advance from our ala carte menu) by your private house staff under the guidance of our Chef.
    • We make Pine Hill feel like your plantation for the duration of your stay.
  3. Georgia’s best wild quail and early-season release quail hunting… with lots of covey rise shooting opportunity, but you better be quick if you want to bag some of these bird
    • Over 6,000 acres of natural quail habitat – long leaf pine timber with wiregrass understory
    • Extensive habitat management