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Pine Hill Plantation awarded “2013 Orvis Lodge of the Year”

Pine Hill Plantation received the honor of being named the “2013 Orvis Lodge of the Year”. Orvis Lodge of the Year recipients are selected by Orvis senior management based on several key criteria including the review rankings by the lodge’s Guests, consistent high level Guest reviews over several years and Orvis senior management knowledge of the lodge’s excellence of operation.

The award was presented by Dave Perkins, Co-Chairman of The Orvis Company, who has hunted at Pine Hill Plantation on numerous occaissions.

This award places Pine Hill Plantation in the very esteemed position of being the only quail hunting plantation in the world to have received both the Orvis Lodge of the Year award and a Beretta Two Trident ranking.

Pine Hill Plantation was established by owners Jackie and Doug Coe to give people access to the “private plantation lifestyle” even though they might not own their own plantation of have an invitation to one of the fabled South Georgia private quail plantations. When asked about the Pine Hill Plantation venture, Doug responded “We are passionate about preserving the history and tradition of the South Georgia private quail plantations. That includes hunting from horseback and mule drawn wagon when everyone is going the way of Jeep and truck. It includes enjoying the luxury of having your own private lodge with your own house staff and chef that is dedicated to your private group. And, most importantly, it includes thousands of acres of meticulously managed wild quail habitat in the heart of the Georgia wiregrass quail belt. There is no greater thrill than covey rise shooting.”

Asked about a recent Guest’s first day of quail hunting at Pine Hill Plantation, the Guest responded “You won’t believe what we saw today. We shot into a covey of 20 to 30 birds that all got up at once. I managed to shoulder my gun and get off a single shot before they were gone. But the most exciting part was that as the covey flew in escape over a small oak thicket… another covey of 20 birds flushed and followed.”

Pine Hill Plantation’s quail hunting season runs from late October to mid March each year. All Guest hunt in the field from horseback and mule drawn wagon. Each Guest group (4 minimum) enjoys the privacy of their own lodge and dedicated house staff. Pine Hill Plantation has 4 lodges ranging in size to handle Guest groups as small as 4 up to Guest groups as large as 16 in a single lodge where each Guest has a private room.