Georgia Hunting Pro Shop

During your visit to Pine Hill Plantation be sure to visit our Pro Shop where we offer Pine Hill Plantation branded clothing as well as fine upland bird hunting and wingshooting merchandise by Orvis and Beretta:

  • Hats
  • Shooting Shirts
  • Shooting Gloves
  • Hunting Vests
  • Briar Pants
  • Fleeces, mocks and sweatshirts
  • Hunting & Shooting gear
  • Beretta Shotguns
  • Custom-fit Orvis shotguns made by Arrieta and Caesar Guerini

Rental Shotguns

Pine Hill Plantation is proud to offer quality 28 gauge Beretta over / under shotguns available for rent.

Shotguns for Sale

Pine Hill Plantation is a distributor for Beretta, Orvis and Caesar Guerini fine shotguns. Both standard dimension shotghuns and shotguns hand-built and custom-fitted to your specifications are available.

While you are at Pine Hill Plantation, you should take the opportunity and time (about 30 minutes) for your own custom shotgun fitting session with Doug Coe or Todd Howard.

Most standard shotguns are built for a 5’-9” tall man of medium build (160 to 180 lbs)… and is equally disadvantaged for a right hand or left hand shooter. If you are of different dimensions… or if you want the advantages of a gun that fits your RH or LH shooting… then you should take the next step and discover your true custom shotgun dimensions.

Just as a rifle has sighting adjustments for up/down and left/right… so does a shotgun. For a shotgun, those adjustments are in how the dimensions of the shotgun stock fit the dimensions of your body.

If you are an avid wingshooter and want to take your shotgun shooting accuracy to the next level… then a custom gun fitting is an imperative for you!

For only $175.00 (plus sales tax) you will have the opportunity to:

  • Receive instruction on how gun fit is an important part of accurate shotgun shooting mechanics
  • Be fitted for a custom shotgun using our $5000 “try gun” to determine your personal custom dimensions
    • A “try gun” is a gun fitters primary tool. The “try gun” can be adjusted for each custom shotgun dimension including:
      • Length of Pull (LOP) – the distance from trigger to butt – Most standard shotguntaller shooters have longer arms and require a longer length of pull… and vice versa for shorter people.
      • Drops – these dimensions determine the slope of the stock and are key up/down sighting adjustment
        • Drop at comb
        • Drop at heel
      • Cast – cast is the primary dimension in left/right sighting adjustment
      • Slope of Butt – this adjustment assure a solid fit to your shoulder
  • Shoot the “try gun” on the patterning board where you will see the custom dimension adjustments improve the accuracy of your shooting
  • Learn through experience how shotgun fit dimensions influence accurate shotgun shooting mechanics

The Orvis Gun Program is the only one of its kind in the country. No other gun program offers this quality of workmanship, selection of custom styles and models, and the willingness of gunsmiths to stand behind their work.

This is a selection of custom-made shotguns from the finest gunmakers in the world, designed to our specifications. Each fine shotgun is individually custom-fitted by our gunsmiths to your personal cast, drop, and length of pull. When we build your custom made shotgun in this way, you receive a truly one of a kind shotgun perfectly suited for you that will provide endless satisfaction for years to come. Choose from a wide range of styles, gauges, and models. Included are scrolled engraving, premium grade wood-hand rubbed oil finishing-as well as English leather recoil pads, and hand detachable locks on some models and gauges.