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Garden & Gun Magazine names Pine Hill Plantation “Best of the Sporting South” for bobwhite quail

Garden and Gun Magazine named Pine Hill Plantation as the “Best of the Sporting South” for bobwhite quail in its December 2012 / January 2013 issue of the magazine.

Asked what he thought about the award, owner Doug Coe replied “We feel incredibly honored and humbled that Garden & Gun Magazine, a magazine that is so traditionally southern, has looked at the many southeastern quail hunting plantations… and selected Pine Hill Plantation as THE BEST OF THE SPORTING SOUTH. At Pine Hill Plantation we have a passion for preserving the history, tradition and culture of the private South Georgia quail hunting plantations.”

For over 20 years Pine Hill Plantation has been offering its Guests access to the lifestyle of a private quail hunting plantation owner.

All Guests groups hunt from horseback and mule drawn wagon. Pine Hill Plantation’s hunt staff consists of a Huntmaster on horseback, an Assistant Huntmaster on horseback and a Wagon Driver on the mule drawn wagon. Guests have the option of riding horseback, riding on the very comfortable mule drawn wagon… or doing some of both. Guests go to the field with 4 shooters to a Hunt Party. 2 shooters shoot the covey rise while the other 2 shooters observe… and the pairs of shooters alternate shooting turns with each covey find.

Pine Hill Plantation’s habitat is some of the best wild quail habitat in South Georgia. Located 40 miles to the west of Thomasville, Georgia Pine Hill Plantation is nestled in the heart of the “quail belt” deep within the wiregrass region. In the long leaf pine forest and meticulously maintained habitat you will be challenged with exciting covey rise shooting!

Each Guest Group of 4 or more shooters is hosted in their own private lodge and served by a dedicated house staff who is there to service only their group. Guests select the evening meal from Pine Hill Plantation’s menu in advance of their stay and the Sous Chef prepares their evening meal to order each night and serves them in their private dining room of their private lodge.